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EXCLUSIVE: Brittany and Cass caught KISSING after being dumped by Bachelor Nick Cummins

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Former Bachelor Australia stars Brittany Hockley and Cassandra Wood have been busted getting the ultimate revenge on Bachelor Nick Cummins, who left them both heartbroken.

Caught on a girls night out in Sydney alongside fellow Bachelor star Sophie Tieman, Britt and Cass appeared to get a little handsy while enjoying dinner and drinks.

The pair even exchanged a kiss!

bachelor exclusive
bachelor exclusive
bachelor exclusive

Brittany and Sophie were dressed in the same outfits they were spotted in while doing their post-show interviews. 

bachelor exclusive
bachelor exclusive

The unlucky-in-love trio banded together following their brutal dumping by Nick on Thursday night’s finale of The Bachelor. 

In the most shocking twist in Bachelor history, Nick decided to not go on with any of the ladies! 

Viewers were left thinking front-runner Brittany had stolen Nick’s heart after he awkwardly dumped Sophie. 

“It’s been a hell of a ride Sophie,” Nick told her. “Every time I’m with you I have a good time.” 

“I like you a lot Sophie,’ he added. “And when I say those three words – I Love You – I want to say it with my whole heart. And when we’re both happy, with true happiness. I am not able, with all my conscious, to whole heartedly commit to you.”

Sophie Tieman/Instagram
(Credit: Sophie Tieman/Instagram)

But those who thought Nick and Britt were about to live their happily ever after were in for a rude awakening when he came out with a bombshell revelation.

“I can’t give 100 per cent of me to you,” Nick told Brittany. “My head is very cloudy. Right now I’m a little bit lost and because of that I have to say this time has come to an end and let you go.”

Nick then went on to say Brittany didn’t have to say anything.

“I have a heavy heart right now,” he went on.

“You are an amazing woman. Trying to find my way in that cloud is too much for me right now.”

Brittany Hockley/Instagram
(Credit: Brittany Hockley/Instagram)

Later, Brittany and Sophie were seen reuniting and being “shocked” by Nick’s controversial decision. 

The girls later admitted that their double-dumping left them “closer than ever.” 

On Sunday night, the Bachelor’s front-runners also banded together against Nick Cummins in an exclusive sit down with Lisa Wilkinson on the Sunday Project. 

Brittany, Sophie and Cass were also joined by Brooke Blurton, who all admitted they were “confused” and “shocked” by his decision.

Cass was visibly upset during the sit down, breaking down in tears as she speaks on her experience on the show.

Lisa asked, “Has it been easy to move on?”, to which Cass replied, “It hasn’t been.”

Meanwhile Sophie and Brittany said they hadn’t been hurt by the fact that Cummins didn’t love one of them, but because he hadn’t given things a proper go.

“I think it shocks us that, I mean, he hasn’t gone in there and they’ve said you need to propose, you need to fall in love,” Sophie told Lisa. 

“It’s whether you can find someone that you connect with and you try it in the real world later. But the fact that he couldn’t see enough in one girl out of 28 it just shocks us, I don’t quite understand it.

“You don’t go to an all you can eat buffet when you’ve just had lunch do you?” Brittany added. “You just don’t do it.” 

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Brooke also spoke of her time with Nick, claiming she had “exposed” her entire life for “nothing.” 

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