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Bride And Prejudice viewers react to Simon and Izzy’s bombshell split

'Thank goodness it happened before the wedding.'
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Last night’s episode of Bride And Prejudice saw ‘non-monogamous’ couple Simon DeBono and Izzy Vasey sensationally break-up.

In Izzy’s words, “things got messy” as it was revealed Simon was in love with another woman. 

Simon was busted “sexting” his ex-girlfriend Megan Cross behind Izzy’s back, with him admitting he was still in love with her.

Instead of being ashamed or remorseful about his actions, Simon was completely blasé about the entire situation – which sent Izzy flying into an unhinged rage.

This is the last time I will have you lie to me,” Izzy told the tattooed barber. 

“Every time you stood in my f**king face and you told me that you loved me and respected me!” she yelled. 

“You’re so full of s**t! Look me in the eye and tell me that any of those things meant anything.”

Simon, appearing completely disinterested, remarked “that’s wonderful” before walking off into the darkness. 

His nonchalance about the entire situation sent Izzy over the edge, with the model screaming hysterically in his direction. 

She screeched, “THAT’S WONDERFUL!”

“F**K YOU!” she continued.

Simon was then shown strolling around the house singing to rock music. 

(Credit: Seven)

Viewers had a lot to say about the intense scenes.

Bride And Prejudice continues on Channel Seven, Thursday November 14 at 7pm.

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