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The biggest bombshells from the Big Brother VIP premiere!

Time to roll out the red carpet, Big Brother’s game just got bigger!
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Twelve VIPs have officially checked in to take a vacation from their celebrity lives and embrace an experience like no other – Big Brother VIP.

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Never one to do things modestly, Big Brother has invited the VIPs to his first-ever luxury Hotel, where they will receive rock star treatment – with a Big Brother twist, of course!

Removed from the world they know, this elite group are the mercy of Big Brother’s wicked game for 22 days, their every move watched as they face hilarious house tasks, epic nomination challenges and edge-of-your-seat eviction ceremonies; all while they eat, sleep and share a bathroom together.

With the first episode going off with a bang, we’re taking a look at the biggest bombshells dropped in the premiere of  Big Brother VIP.

Big Brother VIP has officially kicked off! (Credit: Seven)

Omarosa Manigault Newman: ‘Trump was insane’

After entering the house, it wasn’t long before former Donald Trump aide Omarosa was asked about her experience in working for the controversial former US president.

Asked by the housemates what Trump was like, Omarosa didn’t beat around the bush, bluntly replying: “Insane.”

“He wasn’t always like that but he’s insane,” she continued, adding, “I wish I could say more but he sued me last time I talked about him on Big Brother. Maybe we could give him a code word and I can answer and won’t get sued.”

Omarosa didn’t hold back on her thoughts about Donald Trump. (Credit: Seven)

Caitlyn Jenner: ‘Kayne pulls the strings’

Speaking to Imogen Anthony, Caitlyn dished on former step-daughter Kim Kardashian’s lavish wedding to rapper Kanye West in 2014.

“Kim’s getting married to Kayne, so they decide to have the reception the night before at Versailles in Paris, Kayne rents out Versailles and they’ve never had a private party there ok but Kayne he pulls the strings and its spectacular.

“We have our reception, Kayne and Kim get up and thank everybody and said tomorrow the wedding will be in Florence – were in Paris. Pack all your bags be at the airport they’ve got two big private jets.

She continued, “So, we’re going to have the wedding up at the fort that overlooked the city. The dinner table was at least 100 feet long, white marble and then you start looking for where your sitting as obviously its all assigned sitting and instead of a name tag they had engraved your name into the marble and I’m up there and I’m looking out of the whole city of Florence and I said, ‘This is absolutely gorgeous’.”

Caitlyn opened up about Kim and Kanye’s wedding. (Credit: Seven)

“I said, ‘What I need is Bocelli, the blind singer.’ Finally, Kim comes walking down this very long walkway all the way to where we are at the bottom of the hill and what do I hear? Bocelli – and I’m thinking, ‘This is perfect!’ and wait a second – there he was standing right behind me; Andrea Bocelli.

“I turned around to Kris and I go she goes, ‘I know!’. Kayne had set that all up. It was a very cool wedding, great attention to detail.

“Kayne was very, very ,very very good at that. I like Kayne. I get along very well with Kayne, he was certainly out there, but he was always very, very, very good to me.”

Thomas Markle Jnr: ‘Money changed Meghan’

Asked by Dayne Beams if Meghan was his “sister or half-sister”, Thomas Markle Jnr was quick to open up about his strained relationship with the Duchess of Sussex.

Thomas claimed that “money and fame” changed Meghan Markle. (Credit: Seven)

“The last time [I saw Meghan] was at my grandmother’s funeral in 2011 she took off after that and went to Canada.”

He continued, “What happened to her, nobody can figure it out. Money changed her I guess; money and fame just went to her head really bad.”

“I guess when you’re introduced in that society that one per cent society which is most likely the reason that happened to her. When you have that much money you don’t even get in trouble.”

Asked how she ended up with Prince Harry, Thomas replied,  “I have no idea. The thing that gets to me is the guy that she was married to the first time, Trevor. You’ve seen those movies Saw? This guy owns that production company.”

WATCH: Thomas Markle Jr: Meghan is controlling Harry as she did with her ex

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He continued, “This guy just took care of her like, man, she was adored by him and she just walked all over him and dumped him that fast after being married, sent the ring back in the mail.

“Is that cold or what? But Harry’s next, Harry’s on the chopping block next.”

“The only difference between now and then is all the photos prior to that he had a smile on his face, all the ones after he doesn’t.”

Caitlyn Jenner: ‘OJ did it and got away with it’

As housemates celebrated Caitlyn’s return in the red room, things quickly got juicy when she began discussing the OJ Simpson trial.

“It was an extraordinarily difficult time.” (Credit: Seven)

“We were there, and it was an extraordinarily difficult time,” she began.

“Nicole was Kris’ best friend, had been for a long time. I was at Nicole’s house two days before the murder. Obviously, he did it and he got away with it, and at one point he even told Nicole, ‘I’ll kill you and get away with it cos I’m OJ Simpson.'”

“Nicole relayed that onto Kris at one point and unfortunately, she was right. We were at the courthouse; we were watching what’s going on in the other room and even after the not guilty verdict.

“The first thing Kris turned around and said to me was, ‘We should have listened to Nicole she was right from the beginning.’”

Big Brother VIP continues Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

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