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Omarosa claims she was “treated terribly” by Caitlyn Jenner on Big Brother VIP

The former politcal aide to Donald Trump dished on the pair's tense relationship.
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Omarosa Manigault Newman has dished on her tense relationship with Caitlyn Jenner in the upcoming season of Big Brother VIP, claiming the former Olympian “didn’t talk” to her during the filming.

WATCH: Omarosa says Caitlyn Jenner treated her ‘terribly’ on Big Brother VIP

Speaking to Sunrise on Wednesday, the 47-year-old dropped some major bombshells, including that Caitlyn treated her “terribly” during their time in the Big Brother house.

“She was running for the Governor of California while she was in the house, so I think she thought she was kind of playing to Donald Trump because she’s such a big Trump supporter,” she said.

Omarosa didn’t hold back on fellow Big Brother contestant Caitlyn. (Credit: Flickr)

“She loves everything he does and so she thought by being nasty to me, like he was nasty to me, that she would curry favour with him.”

Omarosa also revealed that the Republican entered the house wearing a “red MAGA hat,” an act she described as “really sad”.

“She just kind of tried to separate me and isolate me, she tried to turn the girls against me. You’ll see in the episodes that come.”

“I think she thought she was kind of playing to Donald Trump.” (Credit: Seven)

While she may be well known in the States, Omarosa is a new name to many people in Australia.

But in the US, she’s best known for her work with Donald Trump.

The pair first met in 2003 and hit it off instantaneously, with Omarosa going on to appear in Trump’s show at the time, The Apprentice.

She later featured in spin-offs Celebrity Apprentice and All-Star Apprentice.

WATCH: Cailtyn Jenner to star on Big Brother VIP

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However, in 2017, the political aide and former President’s relationship would sour when a bunch of Trump’s staffers left The White House, Omarosa being one of them.

A year later, Omarosa released her no-holds-barred memoir Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.

The New York Times reported that the book “portrayed Mr Trump as a bigot and a misogynist who was in mental decline”.

Omarosa also attested that the Trump she met in 2003 was vastly different to the person he became during his presidency, and it was time to “end (her) relationship” with her old friend.

Big Brother VIP airs Monday-Wednesday 7.30pm from November 1 on 7 and 7plus.

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