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EXCLUSIVE: Tim dishes on drama-filled Big Brother group chat: ‘I got the popcorn out!’

"They take to that group chat to air beef"
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Big Brother legend Tim Dormer is arguably one of the most strategic players we’ve witnessed in the series’ history – but his scheming skills weren’t enough to save him from eviction Wednesday night.

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Despite his disappointment at being sent home on the home stretch, Tim is adamant he has no regrets about his second stint in the Big Brother compound.

“I could be disappointed because I did want to win again, but I got very close and I think it was always gonna be a tough slog to go back to this game with the target on my back, so I’ve got to be proud,” he told New Idea. 

“I think it was a compliment that they took me out right at the finish line because they were scared that if they were sitting next to me at finale night that Australia might’ve voted me to win. I think it was a game well played!”

Tim has no regrets about his game play. (Credit: Seven)

And while he wouldn’t change a thing when it came to his expert game play, the Big Brother veteran admitted he does have regrets when it comes to his relationships with certain Housemates – namely, Estelle. 

In case you missed it, the pair had a major fall out on Twitter back in June, when drama kicked off after Estelle tweeted that she felt like Tim and Anthony Drew treated her and other female housemates like “punching bags” during their time in the house.

“You didn’t see what had been going on with Drew and I for weeks… I would also routinely cop it from Drew & Tim if they needed a punching bag,” she penned at the time.

Tim then infamously replied: “You are Big Brother’s Amber Heard. Cancel yourself and go away!”

Tim hopes to make up with Estelle before the finale. (Credit: Seven)

Reflecting on his reaction, Tim admitted that he acted from a place of “hurt” at the time and hopes to make amends with his former friend before the live finale.

“I haven’t spoken to her yet. I’ve reached out a few times in the last week,” Tim revealed.

“I get that we’ve hurt each other with some of the things that we did in and outside the game but I think it would be nice for us to chat to each other, apologise and congratulate each other for a good game before next week’s finale.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a chat with Tim Dormer if he didn’t drop some juicy behind-the-scenes goss for us all, too!

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According to the 2013 Big Brother winner, this year’s Housemates communicate and air their grievances with one another in a WhatsApp group chat that Tim said can get heated at times.

“The WhatsApp group!” Tim laughed. “I don’t know who started it, but when I left the house, it was like, ‘Okay, you’re a part of this WhatsApp group’ and, and all the Housemates are chatting and there’s been some drama with some people – sometimes you’ll get notification saying ‘so, and so left the conversation.’

“There’s been a few times when the Housemates see things play out on the show that they take to that group chat to air beef. When Sam saw the show air and saw just how much Drew was playing her, she pulled him up on it in the group chat.”

He added, “I got the popcorn out!”

Tully and Drew weren’t nearly as friendly this time around. (Credit: Nine)

He doesn’t stop the hot goss there – when asked about claims from Tully that Drew had received a positive ‘Casanova’ edit that didn’t align with his actions inside the house, Tim threw some subtle shade at Drew’s ex while defending his pal.

“Tully got a better edit than what she actually was in the house!” he laughed, adding, “I just think that Tully expected Drew to have her back at the end and he didn’t, it wasn’t good for his game to keep her in there.

“I think that’s a bit of a sore loser coming through on her behalf, because Drew is someone that speaks his mind like I do and, and it rubs people the wrong way. They carry on a lot.”

Despite this, Tim insisted that the OGs are “like brothers and sisters”, saying, “We don’t always get along and, and the girls have to be prepared that sometimes we are going to call out their behaviour. And I think they got a pretty good edit as well!”

As for what’s next for Tim, he’s recently launched a podcast called The Big Mouth, which is guaranteed to be juicy. He’s also got his sights set on one particular goal – hosting Big Brother.

“I know Sonic Kruger does an amazing job. Maybe she wants to co-host!” he suggested. “Wouldn’t it be great? Sonia can do all the PG stuff and I’ll have all the naughty fun stuff up late or something!”

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