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Big Brother’s Christina: How I lost 20kg

“I was in denial that I was indulging to numb the pain."
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She is the brunette bombshell that’s turned heads in the Big Brother house, but Christina Podolyan, 22, tells New Idea that in the past she’s struggled to feel “comfortable in her own skin”.

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Following her parents’ divorce when she was 13, Christina turned to food for comfort.

“I was in denial that I was indulging to numb the pain,” she says.

“By the time I was 17, I was 20kg heavier. That’s when I really knew I had had one too many doughnuts.”

big brother Christina
Christina has struggled to feel “comfortable in her own skin” in the past. (Credit: Seven)

Realising how “unhappy” she was, Christina decided to make a change.

“Being 17, I was very uneducated and used Google to find the first fad diet out there … I even tried a watermelon-only diet for seven days,” she reveals.

“But after many failed attempts, I learnt the best way for myself to lose weight is being on a calorie-deficit [diet], which I combined with resistance training four days a week.”

big brother christina weight loss
“By the time I was 17, I was 20kg heavier.” (Credit: Supplied)

By doing this, she was able to shed the 20kg she gained and has never felt better. But the flight attendant ensures she doesn’t deprive herself, indulging in pizza and a parmi or two.

“I do not restrictively eat, but find a balance by making cleaner choices throughout the day,” she adds.

big brother christina
Should she win, Christina wants to use the prize money to give back to her parents. (Credit: Seven)

In the Big Brother house, Christina has her eye well and truly on the prize, and she knows exactly where she is putting her winnings if she is the lucky last one standing.

Knowing how hard her immigrant parents have had it in the past, Christina confessed to Channel Seven that, should she win the top prize, she wants to “give back to her family” so her mum can “live a stress-free life”.

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