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Big Brother housemate comes clean after secret connection to Sonia Kruger revealed

It comes after old photos resurfaced of the two together.
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As we watch Big Brother Australia’s 2021 season unfold, there’s a surprising new connection between host Sonia Kruger and one of the housemates that has now come to light after old photos resurfaced.

WATCH BELOW: Sarah Jane Adams talks about her fashion style on the Today Show

Sarah Jane Adams, otherwise known on-screen as SJ, has revealed that she met and knew Sonia almost four years before entering the Big Brother house.

Taking to Instagram, SJ shared a series of photos, one with her posing with Sonia as she bent to kiss her on the cheek.

The photo was taken on the set of the Today show, where SJ made an appearance to talk about her fashion and her social media profile.

sj sonia kruger
“I met @soniakruger once, in 2017, when she interviewed me for a segment about my style.” (Credit: Instagram)

“I met @soniakruger once, in 2017, when she interviewed me for a segment about my style,” SJ captioned the post.

Shortly after the interview, SJ said she was “discovered” by a US style blogger.

“Since then I have had no contact with Sonia until I met her on entering the @bigbrotherau house,” she revealed.

big brother 2021 sj
SJ took to social media to clear the air after the old photos resurfaced. (Credit: Seven)

In the resurfaced clip of the interview, Sonia is hosting the show with David Campbell as SJ sits in as a guest.

“We had a blast on @thetodayshow this morning,” SJ captioned the original post back in 2017.

“Thanks to @davidcampbell73 and @soniakruger for being such fun,” she added.

There was no mention of their prior meeting when Sonia welcomed SJ into the Big Brother house, with SJ adding: “I am not affected by this, just wanted to put the record straight.”

big brother 2021 sonia kruger
There was no mention of their prior meeting when Sonia welcomed SJ into the Big Brother house. (Credit: Instagram)

While in the house, SJ has ruffled quite a few feathers, with many of the evicted housemates revealing what they really think of her since leaving the show.

“I had a really crappy relationship with SJ (Sarah Jane) in the house,” Mitchell Spencer told New Idea.

“It started off nice, but I didn’t really get along with her well and they didn’t show that at all – me talking about her in the diary room or anything like that.”

big brother sarah jane
Two evicted housemates have both had similar experiences with SJ not being who she seems. (Credit: Seven)

Michael Brown, who was also sent packing, said SJ had been playing “quite a firm game” right from the get-go, and he had no idea.

“When I first met her I thought ‘wow this game is going to be rough for her, what has she got herself into?’. Little did I know she was playing the game from the get-go,” Michael told New Idea.

The 29-year-old went on to reveal the full extent of what SJ kept hidden from her fellow contestants.

“I also remember SJ saying she doesn’t watch TV, she doesn’t really use social media, she just does her own thing. But then I get out of the house and I was so shocked that she had this huge social media following and I was like… ‘what is this SJ?’.”

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