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Inside Bachelor Jed McIntosh’s band Mood Monroe

“Melbourne based alt-pop band"
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This season of The Bachelor follows not one, not two, but three eligible bachelors – Jed McIntosh, Thomas Malucelli and Felix Von Hofe – as they search for true love.

One bachelor has an established music career as a drummer in an Aussie band. 

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What is Bachelors Jed McIntosh’s band called?

Jed plays the drums in the band Mood Monroe with his brother Jackson McIntosh and Bailey Sampson. Jed is also seen singing on some of their latest tracks. 

What music genre is Jed McIntosh’s band Mood Monroe? 

According to Spotify, “Melbourne based alt-pop band, Mood Monroe combines hard-hitting energetic production and vulnerable songwriting. Reminiscent of acts like Imagine Dragons and the Weeknd, the group puts their own dark twist on popular music.”

Moon Monroe
Here’s what we know about Jed’s band. (Credit: Instagram)

Mood Monroe songs

Bachelors Jed McIntosh’s band released their debut EP ‘MOOD’ in November last year and has released music since the band formed in 2019. 

In November, the band posted on Instagram, “Today we release: M O O D.

“This for us is an end of an era and the beginning of another.

“Am accumulation of 3 years of work and ‘“figuring it all out” We’ve got so much music to come so stay tuned but for now enjoy M O O D.”

In 2022, the band also released the songs Drown, Pretty Poison, Shoodaz, and On My Name

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Jed McIntosh age?

Jed was born in 1997 and will turn 26 this year.

Jed McIntosh’s band tour?

As drummer, Jed is currently on this season of The Bachelor, the band is yet to confirm an upcoming tour, however, according to The Herald Sun, Jed is hoping to relocate to Los Angeles in April. 

Jed plans on launching the label’s new Rock/Alternative division and taking on the role of head of global A&R.

“With the rise in music from genres in the punk, punk pop, rock and alt scene, ACTS have focused heavily on uplifting artists that are not typically mainstream,” Jed said.

“I am excited to help grow the confidence of up-and-coming artists that don’t fit into the mainstream music scene.

“Most don’t feel like they have a place, so with this new joint venture, artists like myself who are left of centre can find a family and a home to create beautiful expressive art with no boundaries; just full support.”

The Bachelor
Jed McIntosh, Thomas Malucelli and Felix Von Hofe (Credit: Getty)

Jed McIntosh’s band Mood Monroe following 

As of today, the official Instagram page for Mood Monroe has 803 followers and Jed has 17.3k followers. 

According to the bands Spotify-wrapped for artists, Mood Monroe had 99.8k listeners last year. 

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