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Bachelorette Ryan & Yvie Jones hook-up

What would Angie say?
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He was left devastated when Angie dumped him before the finale…

MEANWHILE: Angie Kent says Timm Hanly was her ‘soul mate’ 

But it seems Ryan Anderson may have found love with Angie’s best friend Yvie Jones!

“Yvie was a fan of Ryan’s before the show,” the source dishes.

“She  thinks he’s the perfect guy and was shocked to learn Angie hadn’t given him her final rose.”


Now-deleted messages between Yvie and Ryan from before he appeared on the show recently surfaced, which suggested the pair already knew each other.

Yvie saw him comment on her Instagram that he wanted to apply and immediately encouraged it,” the source says.

“Yvie knew how much of a fan Angie was of his and had witnessed their connection in real life, so she was ecstatic that he was thinking of applying. Yvie just adores him and so does Angie!”


According to the source, Angie found out Ryan wasn’t taking the dumping well, so she asked Yvie to check up on him.

Ryan cut off contact with everyone after the show – including Angie,” a source explains.

So she asked Yvie to reach out to him. They began chatting and things eventuated from there. It’s still early days, but they’re getting along really well.”


Before he left, Ryan came under fire after he confessed to Angie Kent that he had previously applied for Ali Oetjen’s season back in 2018. 

Angie shot daggers at the dog lover, saying she couldn’t understand why he would lie about his intentions.

“But why would you tell me, ‘I would never apply for a show like this unless it was for you?'” she asked.


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