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Bachelorette Australia’s Bill Goldsmith caught up in scandal

The shocking Facebook posts behind front-runner Bill.

The Bachelorette Australia’s “perfect guy” Bill Goldsmith has been embroiled in a shocking racism scandal, after Facebook posts he wrote several yaewrs ago have been resurfaced. 

The Daily Mail unsurfaced the bombshell statuses, that show the 31-year-old plumber speak on the Lindt Cafe Siege in Sydney in 2014. 

“I’m finding it so hard not to be racist, after all this stuff in Sydney,” he penned online back in 2014.

(Credit: Ten)

Bill then adds, ““99 per cent of terrorists are Muslims, religion in a whole is a crock of sh*t. It’s just a way to brainwash ppl into giving them money and get tax exemptions from the government [sic].”

A friend of Bill’s responded, “”I live in a Muslim/Arabic country, so you would think with the majority of people here being of that culture and religion there would be more of a chance of that s–t happening here. But no, everything besides the driving is pretty peaceful.” 

“I never said I hated them,” Bill responded. “None of that s–t happens over there because they don’t like killing their own! They like making a statement against the western world!”


Bill then addressed Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis, who held eight people hostage in the Lindt Cafe. 

“He was a self confessed Muslim shake [sic] or however the fu**ing [you] say it,” Bill wrote. 

“Australia’s justice system has a lot to answer for too!,” he added. “The bloke was on bail for 40 counts of sexual assault and murder!”

“Religion brainwashes [people] into killing other [people]… It’s not the first time a Muslim terrorist has done bad sh*t”.

The posts on Bill’s Facebook page have since been deleted, however Daily Mail obtained screenshots. 

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