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Shock photos: Bachelorette Angie and Carlin’s frosty meltdown

The TV couple face life in the real world - is it over already?
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Is there trouble in paradise already for Bachelorette Angie Kent and her chosen love, Carlin Sterritt?

Far from still being in the honeymoon stage, the duo appeared tense as they were spotted together in a Melbourne shopping centre.

WATCH: Timm Hanly says he wouldn’t want Angie back even if she came running

Appearing somewhat distant and disconnected, the duo spent their time checking their phones rather than sharing loved up glances and pecks on the lips. At one point they appeared to be in a heated conversation.

‘Angie and Carlin appeared to be anything but loved up,’ said an onlooker. ‘They seemed irritated and distant.’

Angie Kent
Scowls and snarls as the TV couple face reality (Credit: Media Mode)

The incident comes as it was revealed that Angie has been sending emotional messages to former contestants Timm Hanly AND Ciarran Stott.
And close friends of the 29-year-old ex-Goggleboxer fear she is having second thoughts after choosing winner Carlin Sterrit.

They believe she feels ‘awkward and uncomfortable’ showcasing a romance that might not be real.

These revelations come amid shock rumours backstage crew on The Bachelorette wished she had chosen Timm over Carlin.

Angie has made no secret of the fact she and Timm have chatted since the show ended even though she’s breaking her contract with Channel Ten.
She announced on The Project, ‘Timm is one of those people, I am one of those people, when I make a connection with somebody, I don’t care about contracts,’ she said.

Angie and Carlin
Angie shopping for a smile in Melbourne (Credit: Media Mode)

But it’s unlikely show bosses or Carlin know that friends believe she is exchanging Instagram messages with Ciarran, who was forced to quit The Bachelorette suddenly after his grandmother died.

‘Ciarran and Angie weren’t in touch at all during the run of the show,’ said one friend. ‘But there have now been emotional messages. They definitely still have a strong connection.’

Angie Kent
She’s so not happy (Credit: Media Mode)

‘They had such a bond, no-one is surprised,” added the friend. “Her friends all think Ciarran could have won and says she looks awkward and uncomfortable whenever she’s with him because she has doubts.

Angie this week revealed that she and her chosen man will not be moving in together – adding to speculation that she isn’t convinced they can last as a couple.

‘I will be looking at moving back to Sydney at the beginning of next year,’ the Bachelorette told Vogue Australia.

Angie Kent Carlin Sterritt body Vietnam
The couple in happier times (Credit: Channel Ten)

‘That’s kind of what we’ve had a chat about. Not together, we don’t want to live together yet.’

The 29-year-old added how they wanted to focus on dating in the real world first.

But judging by these photos, their TV romance is now very much stuck in the real world.

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