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The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson reveals ‘an engagement is on the cards’ with Holly Kingston

The pair also shared their favourite romantic travel locations.
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With the nation slowly returning to its pre-pandemic freedoms, Australians are itching to resume travelling after several stints in lockdown.

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Among those who have already packed their suitcases and jetted off to exotic locations include The Bachelor’s Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson, who have dished the details on their favourite travel locations to New Idea.

The couple keep the spark alive with regular staycations. (Credit: Supplied)

The lovebirds have been making the most of their newfound freedom by taking both local and international vacations as they explore their budding romance away from the cameras.

“We truly are soulmates, so navigating life away from the cameras and the stress that came with being on reality tv has been wonderful,” Holly told New Idea.

“In fact, real-life… aka paying bills and juggling work schedules all can be a breeze in comparison to some of what we had to go through searching for love on national television.”

Part of the pair navigating their relationship in the real world was taking time out to explore new locations with one another, with the reality stars recently travelling to Fiji.

“Our recent trip to Fiji will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Not only because it was our first (of many) overseas adventures together, but also because we were blown away by the beautiful Fijian people’s friendliness and hospitality,” they explained, adding that following the pandemic, many countries have been hit hard thanks to a lack of tourists.

Holly and Jimmy recently jetted off to Fiji. (Credit: Instagram)

“To Fijians, tourism is everything. The pandemic hit Fijians especially hard, with many being forced to go back to their villages with little to no income,” the pair said.

“It was evident that the locals were incredibly grateful to be back on their feet after what would have been a very tough few years.

They added, “We were lucky enough to work with Tourism Fiji, so it definitely took some of the pressure off us to make sure we got this episode right. We don’t think Jimmy’s Fijian ancestors would be too happy if we didn’t showcase the best of Fiji, to suit every budget.”

But it’s not just overseas locations Jimmy and Holly are heading to – the duo also regularly take “staycations” across Australia, saying, “In the cooler months, we love to head to a wine region. There is nothing better than cuddling up in front of a cozy fireplace and drinking a nice bottle of wine.

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“In summer, we love to head anywhere along the coast or check out some accommodation located in areas that we have never explored.

“On a recent trip to the Pullman Quay Grand we discovered an amazing restaurant called Tayim nestled in the historic Rocks. Despite us both growing up in Sydney CBD, we’d never come across this restaurant.

They added, “There is something very satisfying about discovering a new little gem in your backyard… trying new things on a holiday is a must… whether it’s a new food or bungee jumping!”

With so many romantic trips on the cards for the couple (who have also just recently jetted off to Paris), can we expect some engagement news in the near future?


“I can’t give anything away as Holly is sitting right next to me,” Jimmy said.

“An engagement is on the cards… where and when is for me to know and for you to find out,” he laughed. 

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