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Feras Basal is the winner of Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels

"I am absolutely over the moon."
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The tribe has spoken!

After almost 50 days stranded on the shores of Samoa, it was 28-year-old Feras Basal who emerged triumphant as the sole survivor of season 11 of the smash hit reality show.

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The self-confessed super fan was the last man standing from the rebels tribe and faced off against titans Caroline Courtis and Mark Warnock who placed second and third.

Feras spent the majority of his game in alliances with the likes of Aileen, Garrick, Raymond, and eventually Kirby, before being left to fend for himself.

Feras as been a fan favourite to win since day one. (Credit: Channel 10)

Ultimately, his gameplay, social skills, well-executed strategy, and physical domination in the final individual immunity challenge saw him come out on top as the obvious winner for the jury who awarded him a majority of five votes.

“I came into this game with an aim; to uphold my values as a person, as a Muslim, and as a Middle Eastern man. I had a very, very specific game plan that I wanted to play, and I wanted to have a bit of fun with it as well, and I most certainly did,” Feras pitched to the jury.

And while his win may come as a surprise to some, Feras has actually been a fan favourite to take home the crown since the season began airing almost two months ago, with odds to win listed at $1.25 in the weeks leading up to the finale according to betting website Sportsbet.

This final individual immunity challenge is as brutal as they come. (Credit: Channel 10)

In a brutal final individual challenge not for the faint of heart, our final three competitors were made to stand on a spindly wooden wheel, holding on to pegs placed awkwardly above their heads. 

They were also made to readjust their footing from wooden pegs that became smaller and smaller as the wheel was turned – a repetitive movement that would have proved painful, especially as the hours wore on. 

Ultimately after a mammoth effort, it was Feras who won with Caroline stepping off after over two and a half hours and Mark unable to continue after two hours and 15 minutes.

The latter was then sadly sent home, Feras opting to take his chances against Caroline at final tribal.

Feras knew that if he didn’t win this challenge, his torch would be getting snuffed. (Credit: Channel 10)

After making it to the final two and having the opportunity to pitch his case to the jury, the Western Sydney native delivered a flawless pitch while Caroline floundered.

After going through each and every aspect of his gameplay – including the impressive 31 days he was able to hold onto a hidden immunity idol – it was clear he would be receiving the winning vote.

Celebrating with his loving wife Iman, Feras has now left the world’s greatest game $500,000 richer. 

We can’t think of a more deserving winner! (Credit: Channel 10)

“I am absolutely over the moon. I didn’t for a million years think that I could even make it on Survivor, let alone win the bloody game,” he shared after finding out he had won. 

“To be the first Aussie Arab to win Survivor is such a huge flex, and to show off my culture and to show everyone where I come from in my community is such a huge achievement and I’m so proud of myself.”


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