How to take care of pets during fireworks

Help keep your pets calm at times of celebration

Celebrations in Australia usually mean fireworks – and lots of them!

Whilst these can be extremely fun to watch for us, they’re really not all that great for our furry friends who are terrified of the unexpected loud noises that just keep going and going.

In fact around New Year’s and Australia Day celebrations is when there is an increase in missing pets who have run away and even injured themselves in the process.

But there are some things that you can do to ensure your pet isn’t too stressed.

Keep pets secured inside

This sounds pretty obvious, however, it’s surprising how many owners keep their dogs or cats in their backyard. At the first sound, they’ll find a way to escape from the noise.

Create a safe space

Pets like to feel secure, so why not set up a comfortable place for them. This could be a large box that you can create an indoor kennel for them with some soft bedding inside.

Pug wrapped up in a blanket
(Credit: Burst)

Stay home with them

If possible, skip the celebrations and keep your pets company. Being around them while the fireworks go off will keep them calm.

Use ambient noise

As weird as it sounds, radio or having the TV on can be comforting to pets. Even some music playing can help mask the loud noise going on outside.

Small kitten
(Credit: Vadim B)

Keep them busy

Pet toys such as Kongs for dogs and a Cat Wobbler can be great distractions.

The RSPCA has a fantastic list of events that you should watch out for so that you can ensure your pet is cared for and also loads more tips for dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets.

One final thing – make sure that your pet is microchipped, in case they do run away. This will ensure their safe return if found.

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