Why mum who left kids alone while she went to Bali got off scot-free

She left her two kids home alone and went to bali

A Perth mother had charges against her dropped after she left two children home alone and went on an over seas holiday in June.

The children, aged four and six, were found in Cloverdale after police gained access to the house via an unlocked door last week.

The 28-year-old woman, who is now heavily pregnant, said she took the trip to renew her visa, while her husband was in the US.

The Perth Magistrates Court was told it wasn’t in the public interest to pursue the charges.

‘Given this lady’s got two young children, is heavily pregnant with a third child, to keep her in Australia for the sole purpose of conducting that prosecution would have cost the State and the Federal Government huge sums of money,’ her lawyer Oliver Paxman told the ABC.

‘It is an unfortunate set of facts, but she did not knowingly abandon her children for two days while she could go and have a holiday in Bali.’

Paxman added the children, who are in state care, will be returned to their mother before leaving the country.

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