Two-year-old shamed for breastfeeding doll

Mum shocked over response to her picture.

When a mum posted a picture of her two-year-old daughter Charlotte pretending to breastfeed a doll, she never expected the shaming that was to follow.

Sharing her story on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, the woman said after posting the picture, she woke up to a message describing it as ‘some of the nastiest sh*t of my life.’

In response to the comments, the woman wrote: ‘Breastfeeding is something that is natural and is normal.

‘A baby putting a bottle to its dolls mouth, they are feeding their baby doll, correct? There’s no difference. I do not feel the need to correct Charlotte because breastfeeding is wrong? She said her baby wanted to eat, so she fed her.’

She added, ‘Charlotte also pretends to do her makeup; my son pretends to work on his vehicles and fix things from watching his father. Isn’t that how it is? Your child mimicking normal daily behaviour?’

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