Turia Pitt shares exciting news after hospitalisation

The inspirational burns survivor has something to say

Inspirational burns survivor Turia Pitt has revealed some exciting news – just a week after returning home after an operation.

Taking to her popular Instagram page, the Australian survivor and mum-of-one spilled on her next project.

Turia Pitt to run kathmandu coast to coast in New Zealand
Turia shared some exciting news (Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

‘Today I’m frothing to have signed up for my first event since having Hakavai,’ Turia shared.

‘The Kathmandu Coast to Coast in NZ has ALWAYS been on my list and I’m stoked to be taking on the mountain run in February.

‘AND, after hours spent regaling them with tales on the philosophical value of running, the importance of setting oneself a good challenge and the pros and cons of various training programs, the guys at Kathmandu totally caved and let me be their event Ambassador too!

‘Pretty sure that last bit was just to shut me up, but stoked nonetheless,’ the mum said, with her trademark humour.

Turia Pitt to run kathmandu coast to coast in New Zealand
Turia said she was ‘frothing’ to take part (Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

The Kathmandu Coast to Coast is an iconic multi-sport event based on the South Island of New Zealand. 

According to the event’s website, it is held every February.

The race starts on the West Coast, at Kumara Beach and traverses the width of the South Island, crossing the main divide and finishing on the East Coast with the finish at the Pier on New Brighton Beach in Christchurch.

Turia Pitt to run kathmandu coast to coast in New Zealand
The event will be the first since Turia welcomed her baby boy (Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

The gruelling mission will be no mean feat for Turia who recently underwent surgery.

The latest op was to fix a ‘burn contracture’ on Turia’s hand and foot.

‘Basically, my surgeon took some looser skin from my belly (thank you post-pregnancy skin! My surgeon actually squealed and clapped his hands in glee when he realised I actually had a little excess skin to work with for once 😂😂) and used it to fix a burn contracture on my hand and foot,’ Turia explained.

She went on to talk about what that means.

‘It’s a pretty common occurrence for burns patients. Basically, it happens when burned skin tightens and contracts over time, eventually creating tension and pressure on the bones or joint beneath. And yes, not to be a sook, but it’s as painful as it sounds,’ she wrote.

Whilst she is a successful ultramarathon competitor, Turia’s latest challenge is one of the world’s longest running multi-sports events and is older than the Hawaiian Ironman.

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