This $15 Kmart hack is taking Aussie laundries by storm

Is it the hack of the year?
Bamboo duck board, $15, Kmart.Kmart

It’s bamboo and intended for the bathroom, but it’s emerged as one of the most hacked products at Kmart this year.

The duck board is only $15 and is designed to prevent slipping on a wet floor when you step out of the shower.

Bamboo duck board, $15, Kmart.
(Credit: Kmart)

However, Kmart customers have been using it in their laundries for an entirely different purpose.

The Facebook group Kmart Mums has been flooded with photos of customised laundries around Australia.

Victorian mother of two, Claire Lambert, uses the duck board across the sink to increase bench space in the laundry.

Claire Lambert's laundry.
(Credit: Claire Lambert)

“I could easily bring washing in, fold and sort! It’s fantastic!” she said.

Karla Jarman admits that she got the idea “from other women posting [about] it on the Kmart Hack page.

Karla Jarman uses the duck board across her laundry tub.
(Credit: Karla Jarman)

“I was leaving my washing powders and softeners in the sink because my laundry cupboard space was too small, so I saw this and decided [that it] would work well for me,” she said.

“It’s great being able to utilize the laundry tub space as storage space.

“It makes it quick and easy to access my washing powder and fabric softer and I can also leave my washing basket on top of it which is great considering we have a small unit.”

Kmart mum Tiana Conliffe agreed that the duck board extends bench space in the laundry.

Tiana Conliffe's pretty laundry makeover.
(Credit: Tiana Conliffe)

“I thought it looked really nice and [it] hid my soaking bucket really well,” she said.

Perth grandmother Carol Hall explained that the duck board “made a big difference to an otherwise plan and boring laundry.”

Carol Hall's streamlined laundry.
(Credit: Carol Hall)

“When I have visitors over I love them seeing my laundry and they always comment [on] how lovely it is.”

The bamboo duck board is $15 at Kmart.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes & Gardens

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