Sophie Monk opens up about not wanting to be a single mum

'I’d find it really difficult. And also lonely.'
Channel 10

Sophie Monk has opened up about her desire to start a family in the near future, saying she wants to ‘feel settled in a relationship first.’

Before you read too much into that: The star, who recently found love on The Bachelorette, is still very much in love with winner Stu Laundy, despite constant break up rumours.

Though she didn’t clarify exactly what she meant by feeling ‘settled,’ we’d guess Sophie is waiting for Stu to officially be a single man and finalise his divorce with his ex-wife.

‘If I did it (have a baby) by myself, I think I’d find it really difficult. And also lonely. So I mean I’d love to and it’s so funny because I’m not, well I wasn’t clucky until about now,’ the star – who turns 38 today – told

‘But now I’m like, yeah, I feel like I’m missing out (by not being a mum),’ she continued.

‘I’m going to freeze my eggs hopefully,’’ she says, noting that she’s worried about her age. ‘But I’ve just got to find the time to go there, to the freezer!’

‘While women are working so hard now, before that it was kind of like you’d settle in to be a wife, but yep, now time flies.’

Though she’s having a low-key birthday in the Gold Coast, it won’t be long ’til Soph’s back on our screens as host of Channel Nine’s new show, Love Island.

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