Sam Wood’s fatherhood struggle every parent can relate to

"Honestly the most exhausting way to begin your day."
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We can always rely on Sam and Snezana Wood to keep it real when it comes to parenting their four kids.

WATCH: Sam Wood’s hectic school drop-off routine

And since welcoming little Harper a month ago, their lives have become even more hectic!

On Monday morning, Sam took to Instagram to share the downside of parenthood that every mum and dad can relate to: the dreaded school drop-off.

Sam Wood
Sam shared a video about his hectic morning to Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

“Just a shout out to all the mums and dads out there. School drop off – honestly the most exhausting way to begin your day you could ever imagine,” Sam said while sitting in his car looking slightly stressed.

Sam’s chaotic morning started when his and Snezana’s two-year-old daughter Charlie threw a toddler-tantrum over a wardrobe malfunction.

“Charlie had a meltdown because she couldn’t find her favourite jacket but we just found it. It was in the car, [we] left it in the car on Friday – my fault,” Sam told his 270,000 Instagram followers.

Sam later shared a photo of Charlie wearing her beloved jacket while on her way to school. Covered in adorable penguins, we can see why the two-year-old couldn’t leave home without it!

Sam Wood
Willow and Charlie run amok before school! (Credit: Instagram)

But Sam’s stressful morning didn’t end there. His stepdaughter Eve, 17, was also caught up in the early-morning rush.

“Evie at the last minute decided her school bag was too heavy so I now have to drop her school bag off to her,” the 42-year-old dad said.

“And [four-year-old] Willow had a meltdown and changed her shoes four times before we even left the house.”

Ironically, newborn Harper was the easiest kid to wrangle this morning. 

“That’s why little Harper was miraculously the best of all four kids. Anyway, off to the office!” Sam finished.

Sam Wood
“Little Harper was miraculously the best of all four kids.” (Credit: Instagram)

On May 4, Sam and Snez welcomed Harper one month before her arrival date. The newborn spent the first three weeks of her life in hospital.

Sam announced the birth of Harper on Mother’s day, telling fans that Snezana became “really sick” during labour. “Before we knew it Harper was off to the special care unit and Mum was into ICU,” he explained at the time.

On May 29, after more than three weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, Sam and Snezana were finally able to bring Harper home to meet her three older sisters.

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