Radio host Emily Jade O’Keefe gives birth to a baby boy after 32 rounds of IVF

'Our prayers have been answered.'

Australian radio host Emily Jade O’Keefe has given birth to a ‘miracle’ baby after undergoing 32 rounds of IVF.

The Hot Tomato breakfast presenter and her husband Gerard Murtagh welcomed son Teddy James into the world on Monday.

The 41-year-old shared a swer Instagram video with her fans, and her seven-year-old daughter Millie tenderly cradled her new younger brother.

Holding her new brother in her arms, Millie tells the camera: ‘Everybody this is TJ, Teddy James Murtagh, and I love him. He’s the love of my life.’ 

She adds to her mum: ‘He’s the second best thing of my life – the first best thing was seeing you.’

Millie adorably adds, ‘And I prayed for it for other people’s birthdays, for Easter, for my birthday, for Christmas for every year of month – even Australia Day. Even Halloween.’

Millie then remarks that Teddy is ‘very calm’ and adds that the cutest thing about him is ‘him sneezing’.

The popular Gold Coast presenter announced her pregnancy in January, sharing to Instagram: ‘Our miracle Millie is about to be joined by another hard-earned miracle in June 2018.

‘5 years, 260 weeks, 1,825 days, 2.3 million minutes. That’s how long and desperately we have tried for this little life.’

O’Keefe lost 32 embryos and suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage before bringing Teddy into the world. She and Gerard also tried for two years before she fell pregnant with Millie. 

Congratulations to the family! 

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