Oscar Pistorius outrage: Reeva’s parents’ shock over lax sentence

Reeva's family in tears over judge's ruling

The family of murdered Reeva Steenkamp were left in tears after a judge sentenced Oscar Pistorius to six years in prison.

‘The life of the accused shall also never be the same. He is a fallen hero and can never be at peace,’ Judge Judge Masipa said adding that she believed he had shown mercy.

But according to a leading defense lawyer, Pistorius could be out on parole in a year.

Mike Hellens told The Daily Mail, ‘The judge was not clear in her judgment, but there is an argument that the Supreme Court of Appeal set aside his earlier conviction and the sentence.

‘So, his lawyer could argue that he has done one year already and then he could be out in two and half years on straight parole.

‘Or, according to this law, the prisons authorities could approach the judge in one year from now and ask her to reconsider the sentence and release him on correctional supervision, or house arrest.’

The family of Reeva Steenkamp said they do not plan to launch an appeal over the jail sentence insisting ‘nothing will bring her back’.

The ruling has been met with criticism with some labeling it as an ‘embarrassment to the justice system.’

Spokeswoman for The Women’s League of the ruling African National Congress (ANCWL), Jacqueline Mofokeng, told Reuters the sentence was too soft.

‘First five years, now six years? [the judge] is an embarrassment to the justice system.’

‘It is an insult to women in this country.’

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