Mum sues hospital for costs of raising son

Botched termination left her with son she didn't want.

A 23-year-old woman is suing her doctor and the public health system for hundreds of thousands of dollars after she gave birth to a child she’d tried to terminate.

She claims she’s suffered unwanted costs and psychological distress after her termination failed and doctors neglected to spot that she was still pregnant during subsequent visits.

The woman gave birth to a son, “Cooper”, in 2014.

She is now going through the Victorian courts after a report on the failed termination showed no foetal parts were found in a pathology sample.

After returning to her GP with continuing pregnancy symptoms she was given a blood test which showed she still had elevated pregnancy hormones. But the doctor did not order an ultrasound.

Only when she went back a second time some time later did the GP proceed with an ultrasound which showed she was carrying a 20-week-old foetus.

In court documents the woman is seeking compensation for medical expenses and for being “exposed to the cost of supporting and raising Cooper”.

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