Mum overwhelmed by stranger’s kindness

What a fellow shopper did is astounding

Danielle Vinson was having a bad day.

Pre-menstrual and worn out by her kids while shopping, she was brought to tears by a random act of kindness by a stranger in the supermarket.

Danielle says she’d done her shopping and the checkout operator was ringing up her items when she realised she didn’t have her wallet.

She rang her husband in despair and as she pressed her hand to her forehead she heard a voice behind her say: ‘Keep ringing everything up. I’ll take care of it.’

Sharing her story on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Danielle said her groceries cost $178.86 and she told the woman it was far too expensive. 

‘Seriously, don’t worry about it,’ the woman said. ‘I need to do something for the holidays. Merry Christmas. Enjoy.’

Danielle wrote: ‘This moment is now forever ingrained in my heart. Thank you from the peaks to the depths of my heart.

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