Mum crowdfunds life saving treatment for daughter with anorexia

She shares shocking images to raise money.

Her daughter has suffered from Anorexia Nervosa for almost four years. Now desperate mum Sarah Weddle has turned to crowdfunding for life saving treatment.

Weddle, 40, believes the only hope for her daughter, Chloe, is with ‘psychological treatment’. 

‘Chloe was always self conscious about her weight from quite a young age,’ Weddle wrote on her Go Fund Me Page, ‘but when she was 15 a lot of changes and family upheavals lead to Chloe developing Anorexia.’

She added, ‘Anorexia Nervosa is not vanity, it is a very serious mental illness which if not treated correctly, can result in death.’

Over the last two years, Chloe has been in and out of three different NHS Eating disorder units, Weddle explained. 

‘Each time I’ve prayed this will be the one that will help, the one that will ‘cure’ my little girl. Only it’s never happened.’

Weddle wrote in a post on Facebook, ‘they focus on re-feeding and weight gain, but that doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which is re-training the brain.’

Instead, she believes the solution for her daughter is funding for ‘psychological treatment that is so desperately needed!’

‘Chloe WANTS to get well, she wants to go to university and study Marine Biology, she wants her life back and to live a happy fulfilled one! But without the psychological help, I can’t ever see this being a reality,’ she said. 

Her family hopes to send her to a specialist hospital in Marbella, Spain. However, six months there will cost up to £45,000, the Daily Mail reports.

‘She would have in depth therapy on a daily basis, which I think would really help,’ said Weddle told The Daily Mail.  ‘At this place they believe a mixture of having a dietician to get the weight restored, getting medical help and undergoing therapy can get you better.

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