Lindy Chamberlain opens up: ‘I miss Azaria every day’

It was the case that divided Australia.

Marriage proposals, abuse, death threats, funny poems, stories of love and pain – and even porn.

Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton has seen it all in 20,000-plus letters from the public since baby Azaria was stolen by a dingo. Many of those letters will now be revealed for the first time in a new play, Letters To Lindy. 

Some make her laugh. Others make her cry in a way Australia never saw when she was a young Seventh-day Adventist pastor’s wife, falsely accused of killing her own child.

‘If I talk about somebody else’s loss, I just can’t handle it,’ confides Lindy, 68, who recently became a grandmother for the second time.

‘I think you can handle your own pain better than other people’s, in some ways.

‘A lass I’ve known forever recently lost her three-year-old, who suddenly ran across the road and under the wheels of a truck.’ She wipes away tears. ‘That took me about three days to sort of come to grips with, because it brings everything back…

Letters to Lindy presented by Merrigong Theatre Company, opens at Illawarra Performing Arts Centre on July 26th before touring to Sydney and Canberra.

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