Lin family boys ‘furiously struggled’ with killer

A Sydney court has heard.

Two children murdered with their family were involved in a “furious struggle” with their attacker before they died, a Sydney court has heard.

The Lin family: Min Lin, his wife Lily, sister-in-law Irene and two sons Henry, 12 and Terry, nine, were found dead in their North Epping in 2009.

On trail for their murders is Min Lin’s brother-in-law Robert Xie. It has been alleged that he killed the family with a hammer like object after cutting the electricity in their home. 

Crown prosecutor Tanya Smith said, ‘This was a well-planned crime of a personal nature with a single person who has carefully improvised a murder weapon.’

Young boys, Henry and Terry, were the last to be killed in their bedrooms, however there is evidence to suggest they tried to fight off their attacker.

‘It’s apparent from the blood splatter patterns – there was a furious struggle in that bedroom.’

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