Woman reveals her genius $5 Kmart grocery shopping hack

In the wake of the Woolworths plastic bag ban.

Following Woolworth’s nationwide decision to ban single-use plastic bags, customers have had to come up with inventive and resourceful ways to get their groceries from the store to home.

One Western Australian mother has shared her shared her simple hack online, and people are loving it!

Ashleigh Hair took to ‘Kmart Mums Australia’ to share a picture of a plastic tub filled with her groceries. 

Ashleigh Hair/Kmart Mums Australia
(Credit: Ashleigh Hair/Kmart Mums Australia)

‘With the plastic ban looming here in WA I now keep one of the $5 Kmart flexible tubs in my boot,’ she wrote.

‘I find it a lot quicker and easier for my shopping!’

Ashleigh added, ‘Can’t complain about the price either – $5, bargain!’  

(Credit: Kmart)

Many were quick to praise Ashleigh’s inventiveness. 

‘You’re my new hero,’ one fellow group member wrote.

‘I was thinking cardboard boxes but this is much better!’

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