Parents are going crazy over this Kmart hack

And it's so simple!
Getty Images/Facebook

First it was the $89 vacuum that people were saying was better than a Dyson, then the kettle for less than $50 and let’s not forget about the $35 shoe rack that has sold out at stores around the country.

Now it’s the $4.50 bento lunch box hack that has parents going wild.

A user on Facebook posted the clever hack on her page almost a week ago, and now the post has been shared hundreds of times.

just a wee bit of genius from @reve.ever … a very handy #kmarthack using the large ice cube trays (… which make amazing ice cubes with a wedge of lime frozen in them) and the Kmart container for your very own bento box

The DIY bento lunch box is quite simple to put together.

You’ll need this $3 600ml clip container, and the giant ice cube tray which is $1.50.

The hack was originally posted by Amanda Hale who added that she trimmed the edges off the ice cube tray so that it would fit perfectly into the clip container.

Parents are already rushing into stores to get their little ones the makeshift lunch box, with some saying that it’s a really clever way to make lunches more interesting for kids as well as controlling portion sizes.

So, will you be rushing into your nearest store?

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