Jackie O send 5yo daughter to school with ‘drug tattoo’

‘This thing is staying on there for the next week’

It’s usually Jackie ‘O’s outspoken radio co-host that leaves fans speechless with his shock comments.

But the 42-year-old gave Kyle Sandilands a run for his money this morning when she revealed she’d given her five-year-old daughter a rather questionable temporary tattoo.

The media personality explained that she’d innocently placed the body art on Kitty’s chest before bedtime, only to realise the following morning that it resembled a marijuana leaf.

“I said to [my husband] Lee, ‘Babe, where did we get this tattoo from?’ she recalled on The Kyle & Jackie ‘O’ Show.

“And I looked at it, and it’s a marijuana leaf with a guy smoking a joint on her boob.’

But Kyle was more concerned by the placement of the tattoo rather than its content.

“What a terrible place! Why would you put it on her boob?” he quizzed.

“Because no one can see it. She’s wearing her school uniform,” the presenter explained.

“This is ridiculous!” Kyle said laughing at her mistake.

“You’re always getting yourself into trouble.”

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the Sydney-based mother-of-one, she quickly found out how difficult the art was to remove.

“[She’s] ready to go to school… so I try to scrub this thing off her boob, and it’s not coming off…. So this thing is staying on there for the next week,” she said.

The socialite then went on to research the meaning of the image, before discovering it was actually the logo of Acai company Amazon Power.

Still, her co-star insisted that it looked “100 per cent” suspicious.

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