‘I felt so sick’: Devastated mum on the moment she discovered her son was missing

Sylvia shares her heartbreaking story on the New Idea Investigates podcast

The heartbroken mother whose son vanished in 2014 has recalled the devastating moment she discovered he’d disappeared.

Nick Veljanovski was 28 years old with a great job, a steady girlfriend, a close family and a promising future when he went for a walk in Sydney’s Royal National Park on 11 June 2014.

He has never been seen since.

Opening up about her experience on the New Idea Investigates podcast, Nick’s mother Sylvia recalled the traumatic moment she discovered he was missing.

‘I felt so sick’: Devastated mum reveals the moment she discovered her son was missing
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‘At 11pm the door bell rang and I called my husband. I got up and went down to answer the door,’ she says.

‘As I was going down Nick’s bedroom door was open so I knew, if he was at home, the door would be closed.

‘Because it was open I thought it must be him and he’d misplaced his key.

‘However it wasn’t Nick,’ the devastated mum recalls. ‘There were two police officers. One officer said: ‘Does Nick live here, is he at home now?’

‘I replied ‘no, he’s probably at his girlfriend’s place, why? What’s happened? Is he okay?’ 

‘And the officer said Nick had been reported missing by his girlfriend and at that instance I felt so sick.’

Sylvia is sharing her story in the home that someone may know something about what happened to Nick.
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‘Nick was a wonderful son. He would do anything for his family and friends,’ Sylvia says.

‘I cannot accept that he’s gone without any concrete evidence,’ she says.

‘I live in hope. The whole family lives in hope and prayers.’

What happened to Nick that fateful day, and what theories surround his disappearance? Listen to the New Idea Investigates podcast to find out.

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