I co-slept with my mum untilI was 19-years-old

Sydney woman describes sharing a bed with her mum.

A Sydney woman has revealed she co-slept with her mum until she was 19-year-old.

It was until Marie Poggi moved out of home that she started sleeping independently.

‘I left home when I was 19, so from four to 19-years-old we slept in the same bed,’ she told Mamamia.

Prior to turning four, Poggi did have her own bed.

‘I slept in my own bed before my father kicked us out and we went to live with my grandparents because we had nowhere to go,’ she said.

Adding, ‘We didn’t have any other choice but to share the same bedroom, so we were sleeping in the same bed, and then my Pop passed away and my Grandma was on her own, so we decided to all sleep together in the same bedroom.’

When her grandmother died, Poggi had the opportunity to sleep in her own room, but didn’t want to.

‘I had my own bedroom but I didn’t want to sleep on my own. I didn’t know what it was like to sleep alone. I don’t even remember that,’ she said.

Poggi, who is now 29, lives in Sydney but worries about her mother back in France.

‘We talk every single day and I push her to find someone as a companion because I don’t like knowing she’s on her own.’

And when her mother comes to stay, Poggi offers her the bed while her husband sleeps on the couch.  

‘My husband sleeps on the couch and Mum sleeps with me,’ says Poggi.

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