The fun new brekkie cereal kids want to eat

Start the day right by putting breakfast back on the menu.

When you’re a parent, mornings can be fraught with challenges as you battle the clock to get everyone out the door on time. And often one of the unfortunate casualties of this morning mayhem is breakfast, with kids not eating enough or skipping this important meal altogether.

Along with the lack of time, your child might say they’re bored of the same old options or just claim to not be hungry. And for young kids, the temptation to play or watch TV can trump sitting still to eat.

It’s a common problem heightened by the fact that eating breakfast has been shown to have many benefits – particularly for young children. For starters, choosing the right breakfast could provide an important source of vitamins and minerals needed for their growth and development. A nutritious breakfast also gives kids the fuel they need to run, play and perform in class. 

So, what’s the magic trick to convincing your kids to give breakfast a go? Well, it’s more a magical formula: you want to serve up something that’s fun, delicious and easy to eat – and that’s where Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles® comes in, with its new Rice Bubbles® Multigrain range. Tasty, appealing and nutritious, it provides a simple solution to conquering those breakfast battles once and for all.

Here are some simple tricks to put breakfast back on the agenda and help give your family the best start to their day.

Be prepared

Help alleviate the morning rush by setting out everything you need for breakfast the night before. Bowls, spoons, cups and cereal can be left on the table ready to go – just add milk, juice or water and fruit when you wake up.

Take it to the next level by ticking off other typical morning tasks the night before too. Pack school bags, pre-fill drink bottles and lay out school uniforms so you can enjoy a (slightly) more leisurely pace the next day.  

Keep it simple

Save the cooked breakfasts for weekends and keep it simple during the week with a bowl of cereal.

As well as being a simple, quick fix, cereal scores high in the nutrition stakes. The science tells us that people who eat cereal for breakfast have more nutritious diets overall, with higher intakes of fibre, iron, zinc, calcium, folate and magnesium1. It’s also a nice, light option for little tummies that may not feel hungry first thing in the morning.

Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles® Multigrain is a great source of whole grain oats and fibre and has no artificial colours or flavours. When milk is added, your kids are also getting some of their daily calcium needs, plus this new range contains vitamins D and B6, folate, iron and zinc for immune support*.

Lead by example

The best way to demonstrate the importance of eating breakfast is to be a good role model and eat it yourself. You might like to sit down and eat together or have the kids sit at the kitchen bench for their breakfast while you eat and prep lunches like a pro.

Having breakfast together makes it a more engaging and enjoyable experience for children, plus it’ll give you a chance to make plans for the day and or remind them of important tasks.

Make it easy for yourself by serving up the same breakfast for all. Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles® Multigrain comes in two delicious flavours – Berry-licious Berry and Un-bee-lievably yummy Honey – to appeal to a wide range of taste buds.

Rice Bubble Multigrain Berry
Rice Bubble Multigrain Berry (Image: @kelloggsaus)

Turn off the TV

We’ve all turned to screens to help keep the peace on busy days, but the downside is that little minds can get easily distracted and forget more important tasks at hand – like eating breakfast.

Make breakfast a device-free time and allow your kids to be more mindful of the here and now. They’ll pay closer attention to the sights, sounds and sensations around them, and will delight in life’s little details – like the fun new moon shape of Rice Bubbles® Multigrain in their bowls, and of course the SNAP, CRACKLE and POP!

Make it DIY

Independence is a great motivator, and breakfast is one of the easiest meals for young kids to master, especially if it’s something that doesn’t require heating or cooking.

When you’re doing your night-before prep, why not set up a cereal station, with bowls, cereal dispensers and spoons so the kids can serve themselves in the morning. Add some fun add-ons, like yoghurt, chopped nuts, fruit, chia seeds or cinnamon, so they can make their own fun creations.

Tip: For little tummies who claim they’re not a hungry, a liquid breakfast may be more appealing. Pull out the blender and blitz up their Rice Bubbles® with milk and fruit for a delicious, nutritious smoothie.

Brought to you by Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles® NEW Multigrain range. Finding a breakfast cereal that children love can be a challenge, but the fun moon shape and two exciting new flavours – un-bee-lievably yummy Honey and berry-licious Berry – are set to shake up breakfast time. Plus, the new range delivers immune support backed by vitamin D, B6, folate, iron and zinc, is a source of wholegrain oats and fibre and has no artificial colours or flavours. Available now from Coles and Woolworths, and from independent retailers from November.

*Vitamin D, B6, folate, iron and zinc all contribute to normal immune system function as part of a healthy varied diet.

1.  Report by the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum

Brought to you by Kelloggs. 

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