Cocaine breast milk outrage: Our baby wasn’t in danger

Parents of child rushed to hospital speak through lawyer.

The lawyer representing the couple arrested after their four-month-old was found with cocaine in her system says the baby was never in danger.

Describing his clients, Krystin Rae Lisaius, 26, and Somchai Lisaius, 42, as ‘good, caring parents’ attorney Michael Piccarreta says, ‘What you have is a recreational use event by a very, very nice couple who never dreamed that 12 hours later the substance would be in the system, and that was a mistake.’

‘And when the child showed any signs, which were actually lethargy, the child was taken to the hospital,’ he continues. ‘The child was never injured, never in any serious risk, and basically it was very, very healthy and thriving before and healthy and thriving now.’

People reports the parents are currently undergoing drug screenings and parenting classes.

‘Whatever people want them to do, they’re gonna do,’ Piccarreta says. 

‘People want to be comfortable that this is an aberrant act.’

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