Cheryl Denyer tells: The truth about our new baby

The popular blogger shares exciting news!

She’s described 2017 as ‘a huge year’ for her and TV presenter hubby Grant, and now Cheryl ‘Chezzi’ Denyer has opened up about claims she’s having a baby.

The popular blogger and host of Mummy Time TV took to Instagram last week, where she shared photos of herself sporting a ‘bump’.

Dressed in leggings, trainers and a white T-shirt, Chezzi, 38, posed for pictures with her hands cradling her gently rounded stomach.

But the proud mum to Sailor, six, and Scout, two, was quick to respond to reports that she’s pregnant.

‘I’m sorry to say this bump is purely due to Christmas overindulgence only. Not a baby,’ Chezzi shared.

‘While it’s true I’ve never been happier, I apologise for any confusion I may have caused because I had a few extra servings of pork crackling and pavlova. And eggs and bacon. Nuts. Ice cream. And bread. Lots of bread… OK, you get the point?

‘I feel I have to apologise for my protruding belly, which clearly has excited some more than me,’ Chezzi added, including the hashtag ‘#myfatgutisaboyapparently’.

In response to supportive comments from wellwishers, the mum-of-two added: ‘Not sure I could manage another child right now with Grant away and Scout pretty full on!’

Needless to say, in spite of the challenges, Chezzi relishes the ups and downs of motherhood.

‘When they’re good, they’re great! When they’re bad, they’re terrible! They’re noisy, boisterous, spirited little beings, but they love me with all of their little hearts, and I adore every little inch of them.

‘So to me, they’re just perfect!’ she wrote of her cheeky daughters in January. And 2017 was certainly a big year for Chezzi and Grant – with Family Feud host Grant, 40, involved in a near-fatal car racing incident and his work commitments keeping him away from home for months at a time.

‘Grant was only home six weeks out of the whole year – with all his motor racing and TV commitments – so it wasn’t long,’ Chezzi told New Idea following the crash in March.

Grant, meanwhile, labelled his near-death experience as the ‘wake-up call’ he needed to get his life, and ultimately his marriage and family, back on track.

‘I was underperforming as a partner and a father,’ he previously said. ‘Making amends for that has been really important. I’ve been locking myself down on our little family farm at Bathurst to ensure that all aspects of my life are healthy before I dive back into [bigger] workloads.

‘With my wife, you can see the pressure come off her shoulders, because she’d been living like a single parent for so long.’

Chezzi, however, faced her own health woes last year – undergoing surgery in December to fix an acute sinus problem.

Thankfully, not only has Chezzi bounced back – declaring that one of her goals for 2018 is ‘to get fit and be the best version of myself ’ – but Grant has been thrilled to get stuck into his new gig as a radio host on the 2DayFM breakfast show.

For the full story see this weeks issue of New Idea – out now!

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