Brave schoolgirl reveals she’s transgender in video

She says goodbye to Ethan and hello to Abbey.

A Tasmanian schoolgirl has been praised for her bravery after she revealed her ‘secret’ to classmates in a video.

Formerly known as Ethan, Abbey Boon, from Mowbray Heights Primary School in Tasmania, is transgender. 

The video posted on YouTube, which has since been removed, shows Abbey using laminated plastic cards to tell her story.

‘At my old school my teacher thought there was something wrong with me because I always hung out with girls,’ she said.

‘I felt scared coming to a new school, I wondered if people would treat me the same way.

‘Then I met a girl called Makayla… she made me feel like I didn’t have to feel different… I could just be me.’

Eventually Abbey’s confidence grew and she started to ‘wear pink shoes’ and she changed her hair.

‘I stopped trying to hide who I am… I decided that it was time to be me.

‘Today, I am telling you that I am transgender. This means I am a girl that was born in a boy’s body.’

Saying goodbye to Ethan, Abbey says, ‘Now this is the real me!’

‘My name is Abbey.

‘I will see you next term.’

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