Parents in frenzy over ‘life-saving’ lamp that puts crying babies to sleep in minutes

Weary parents rejoice!
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Parents are in a frenzy after discovering a new sleep aid that helps babies and young children nod off to sleep in a matter of minutes – and is being hailed as a ‘godsend’ by weary parents. 

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Glow Dreaming is the creation of one desperate mum who struggled with her daughter’s inability to fall asleep. 

The device combines light therapy, aromatherapy, pink noise and a humidifier, which work together to relax and calm children and help them fall asleep. 

According to the Glow Dreaming website, the light uses the same technology used by NASA for astronauts. 

“Red spectrum light helps stimulate the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for telling us it’s time for sleep,” the site reads.

Blue light, the light emitted by devices such as phones and tablets have been found to hinder and disrupt sleep.

“Children are even more susceptible to the damage caused by the blue light waves emitted by the screens and lighting we use.”

Dr Stephane Pigeon, leading sound specialist, developed the sleep aids pink noise component. 

The sounds are a combination of frequencies commonly heard in waterfalls, rain and thunder.

Unlike other white noise generators, the unique sound has been specially calibrated to compensate for speaker imperfections and encourage sleep. 

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One mother’s review on the Glow Dreaming site mentioned how the product helped her ‘restless’ daughter get a good night’s rest. 

‘Your product is amazing!’ the mum started.

‘Our daughter who has just turned one normally slept well at night and didn’t have any issues but lately she has started to wake every couple of hours from being extremely restless in her sleep. So we come across glow dreaming and decided to order one and give it a go. We weren’t disappointed! 

‘It arrived in the post this morning and we used it on our daughter for the first time tonight, we turned it on with the diffuser going and the light and the white noise lowly and did story time like we do every night and then we laid her down in her cot and turn the light brighter and the noise higher and the diffuser off, She then had a little bit of toss and turning and a bit of a grizzle but within half hour our little girl was fast asleep!

‘This is amazing considering we have never done self soothing with her before. 

‘Absolutely incredible, Thankyou!!’

Another mum said her two-year-old was finding it difficult to settle and would often end up crying himself to sleep.

‘Since we have owned our Glow Dreaming he has gone off without a sound, slept all night without stirring and slept in. 

‘We are up to day six, and this little machine is nothing short of amazing.’

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