Baby crawls out of mum during caesarean

The video is amazing!

A video shared by Pregnancy Lifestyle on Instagram has shown a caesarean birth where the child appears to crawl out of the mother’s belly. 

It begins with the baby’s head outside the incision on the mother’s lower abdomen. The obstetrician gently lifts the baby’s head, helping to guide it out, occasionally wiping him clean as he cries out a few times.

The mother is also shown watching on with the screen lowered as her newborn son enters into the world in his own time.

In recent years, there has been an increase in ‘gentle caesarean births’ which are known to simulate a vaginal birth. 

This has come from the realisation regarding the importance of initial skin to skin contact, with babies being placed immediately onto their mums for nursing, rather than being handed off to others. Advocates claim this method steadies the baby’s temperature and heart rate, improves parent-infant interaction and helps initiate breast feeding.

It is also believed that the baby is exposed to beneficial bacteria that aids in the development of their immune systems.

The video was inundated with women and mothers sharing their joy at watching the amazing video!

‘How sweet & amazing!!’ one commenter wrote. 

Another added, ‘Welcome to the world baby boy!’ 

‘Congratulations,’ another amazed commenter said. 

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