Aussie bride attacked by wild gorilla

This is a honeymoon she'll never forget

No one expects a smack down from a gorilla as a wedding gift, but that was the scary outcome for Melbourne honeymooner Gemma Cosfriff, who was celebrating her recent nuptials with new husband Damian in Rwanda.

Gemma, 29, was knocked to the ground by the large male silverback while watching a family of the animals in their native surroundings. Her visit was approved and under the supervision of local guides. 

Images of the incident show Gemma sent crashing into the grass with a single hand swipe by the animal, which seemed intent on getting her out of its way, rather than trying to seriously hurt her. 

Gemma told 9 News of being slammed by that giant hand; ‘Even though it’s really big, it’s quite cushiony like a pillow, so that didn’t hurt at all.’

The Aussie, who was helped to her feet by a guide, believes her bright clothing may have made her a target for the creature’s territorial display. The incident is seen as unusual, as gorillas are usually not regarded as a serious threat to human safety if visitors respect their need for space. 

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