A six-year-old has farewelled his 91-year-old best friend

The end of a beautiful but unlikely friendship

It’s a story that restores your faith in humanity.

For the past few years World War II veteran Erling Kinder and his neighbour, six-year-old Emmett Rychner, have been the best of friends.

The pair bonded over Erling’s tomato plants after Emmett mentioned they were his favourite food.

From the age of two, Emmett started venturing into Erling’s backyard and not long after the pair began racing on tractors, riding bikes together and playing croquet.

When Erling moved into a nursing home in 2014, Emmett continued to visit him. He visited his best friend last week, three days before Erling died from heart failure.

His mother Anika said: ‘After we told Emmett that Erling had passed away, he was very quiet for a while. The first things he said was, “So we’ll just have to wait a really long time. I know we’ll see him again in heaven”.’

(Credit: ABC News)

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