Police: Woman’s cruise ship death ‘wasn’t an accident’

As the woman's identity is revealed.

The mother who tragically fell overboard from the Pacific Dawn liner and disappeared has been identified, with police revealing the incident ‘wasn’t an accident.’ 

Natasha Schofield, 47, has been identified as the woman who has tragically disappeared from the P&O cruiseliner. 

Police have revealed Schofield was travelling with her husband and three children – aged 12 to 16. 

Queensland Police Inspector Rob Graham said Ms Schofield’s death was intentional.

‘This wasn’t an accident,’ he told reporters. ‘Let be open and honest about mental health. 

‘It’s a tragic end to what should have been a lifetime holiday experience for a loving family.

‘Her husband was standing right next to her when she went over.’ 

Earlier reports that suggested Schofield was swept overboard due to a freak wave is incorrect, police say. 

The missing person did make intentional actions and deliberately propelled herself overboard the ship,’ Inspector Graham said.

Insp. Graham also revealed the tragedy was captured on security footage. 

‘What I saw was a couple of loving people on the top deck of a cruise ship,’ he adds. 

‘I saw them leaning on the rails and I saw the intentional actions of the missing person take two steps back and then propel herself over the railing.

‘Her husband tried in vain to grab her when she went over…grabbing onto her legs…she was too far gone and subsequently she fell.

‘You’ve got three kids who are never going to see their mum again.’

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