These shocking hen’s night photos will terrify you

'I can't sleep.'

A group of women celebrating a hen’s night have been left terrified after noticing something spooky in the background of their photographs. 

The women, who spent their weekend at an isolated Scotland estate, set their digital camera on a timer to take a burst of photographs and two images, taken just seconds apart, revealed something totally creepy. 

In the first photo, the group can be seen posing on top of logs in front of a lake. In the second photograph, the women are seen in the same spot but throwing their hands up in the air. But, something is eerily different from the first. 

(Credit: Facebook)

Did you spot it?

In the background of the second photo, a small child appears to pop up behind the logs. 

The women were terrified, as they had not seen or heard ANYONE! 

The group decided to google the estate and what they found was enough to have them flee their holiday an hour later.

According to stories, a young boy who lived on the estate years ago had slept-walked into the lake and drowned. The story had garnered so much attention that the BBC created a series based on the story, called The Blue Boy, back in 1994. 

British screenwriter Paul Murton, who shot the show, told The Herald at the time: ‘I was talking to the hotelier about it and he mentioned the Blue Boy. 

‘This, he said, was a young child who had been on holiday with his parents in the hotel and he had been sleepwalking during the night. He had strayed outside, fallen into the loch, and drowned. When they found his body it was blue with the cold.’

The photo has made waves across Facebook and Twitter, with users completely creeped out by the story! 

The woman who posted the eerie images has even replied saying, ‘I can’t sleep.’

No thank you! 

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