Tristan MacManus & Callum Hole final celebrities to leave the jungle on I’m A Celeb

We miss them already!
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Australia’s most outlandish reality television show I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! returned for a scintillating new season in 2024, helmed by none other than iconic Aussie comedian Julia Morris and wildlife warrior Robert Irwin.

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Competing for the chance to win $100,000 to donate to a charity of their choosing, our 12 celebrities did it rough for the entertainment of viewers tuning in at home as they battled through bushtucker trials that had them facing some of their biggest fears in the depths of the South African jungle

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But sadly our celebrities couldn’t remain in the jungle forever and were eliminated one by one by public vote until one remained, which this year was Skye Wheatley who was crowned Queen of the Jungle

Scroll on to see everyone who has left I’m A Celebrity so far…

Tristan MacManus and his daughter. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Tristan MacManus

It was no huge surprise that the former Studio 10 presenter was runner-up for this season of I’m A Celeb.

An endless source of optimism and positivity in the jungle, the doting dad and loving husband gave every trial thrown his way a red-hot go.

“Thank you to all who supported Tristan and got him to the final two (what?!) we are so proud of him and so happy Australia has seen and fallen in love with the incredible man he is!,” his Instagram account posting on his behalf in the hours after the finale finished airing.

Callum Hole and his doting dad. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Callum Hole

Despite being a strong contender to win, it wasn’t meant to be for fan favourite Callum, the Brisbane-based Welshman placing third for season ten. 

Despite this, we are sure it is only onwards and upwards from here, the 26-year-old endearing himself to a new fanbase with his hilarious on-screen antics all season long. 

“Thank you for the experience @imacelebrityau,” Callum shared to his Instagram shortly after his elimination with a smiley photo with his dad who had flown to South Africa to visit him in the jungle.

Brittany Hockley. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Brittany Hockley

This Bachelor star turned campmate never let the jungle dim her positive attitude, even during the most fear-inducing, vomit-worthy of bush tucker trials. 

From eating sheep nipples to being dropped off the face of a cliff, Brittany battled her fears from the very first day.

While a lack of food and being stuck in camp for long stretches of time did prove challenging, she admits that the strong friendships she formed with her fellow campmates got her through the toughest of times.

“You’ve only got each other. Everyone goes through their down days, but it’s good because it’s at different points to everyone else. You do rely on each other a lot,” the radio host shared with our sister publication WHO after her elimination.

Ellie Cole. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Ellie Cole

I’m A Celeb superfan Ellie Cole has been a delight to watch all season long but was eliminated just short of the top three. 

From incredible highs like teaching Stephen how to swim, to stomach-churning lows like eating bulls anus, Ellie said her experience was “far different” from what she expected. 

“There was so much downtime. You are so disconnected from the outside world, and really need to sit in your own boredom most of the time,” the paralympian shared with New Idea.

“And when it came to the trials, they are so much more intense than they look on TV. “

Stephen K Amos. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Stephen K Amos

This comedian had his last laugh in the jungle with less than a week to go until a king (or queen) of the jungle would be crowned.

Providing endless amusement and heartfelt anecdotes to his campmates, we know his presence will surely be missed. 

Speaking with New Idea the morning after his elimination, he said that I’m a Celeb was “all the things I could not imagine.”

“I just thought it would be a fun show, it didn’t occur to me the psychological aspect of the show, the fact that I have to work with the food rationing at a very serious level, and the fact I made my jungle friends. It was eye-opening.”

Khanh Ong (Credit: Channel Ten)

Khanh Ong

Despite being a fan favourite to win, sadly resident MasterChef Khanh became the sixth celebrity to leave the jungle. 

Speaking with our sister publication TV Week after saying his goodbyes to his campmates, Khanh said his favourite part of his I’m A Celeb experience was cooking for and connecting with his fellow celebrities.

“The best part was every night I cooked and I had my celebrity guest where I would have one of the celebrities as my sous chef and they really opened up.”

“I feel like when you’re cooking with food, people open up, they’re more comfortable, and I would learn about their lives and families, their children. And that was by far my favourite part.”

Peter Daicos. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Peter Daicos

While we are certainly sad to see this AFL legend go, we are happy to see Peter reunite with his loved ones after almost a month in the jungle. 

“I imagined it would be hard, but boy was it HARD! It is such a unique experience,” the former footy player shared with New Idea after fondly farewelling his campmates. 

He also revealed that the “isolation, minimal food, and boredom” were the hardest parts of his I’m A Celeb experience. 

Despite this, Peter says his time on the reality show had “changed and impacted” his life “for the better.”

Michelle Bridges. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Michelle Bridges

Viewers decided that it was time for Michelle to go home to her son, the fitness guru becoming the third celebrity to be booted from the jungle. 

Game for everything, the 53-year-old gave it her all in every bushtucker trial, also sharing heartfelt conversations about life, love, and more with her campmates.

Speaking exclusively with New Idea the morning after her departure, Michelle said that after seven years of pestering to participate by Channel 10, the timing was finally right to finally say yes.

She also said her time on I’m A Celeb was “far more intense” than what she expected. 

“It was an extraordinarily amazing experience, once in a lifetime.” 

According to Michelle the hardest part of the show was the cold showers and long days. 

“There were also some pretty long days in the jungle where there were no trials or nothing to do apart from rub two sticks together. That and low energy [from not eating enough] did make the days challenging for all of us.”

“I did [however] genuinely form some really strong friendships that will continue on the outside,” she added.

Frankie Muniz. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Frankie Muniz

Malcolm in the Middle actor Frankie Muniz became the sixth celebrity to voluntarily leave the jungle in the ten seasons that I’m A Celebrity has aired in Australia. 

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do,” Frankie said to Julia and Robert about his decision to say goodbye. 

“This has been one of the most amazing, positive experiences [that] I’ve ever been a part of.”

Read more about his decision to withdraw from the reality show here.

Candice Warner. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Candice Warner

It was an emotional goodbye to Candice when she became the second celebrity to depart the jungle after facing her fears in adrenaline-inducing bushtucker trials that certainly were not for the weak of heart. 

Despite admitting that she was “afraid of everything”, the mother of three gave everything a red hot go, also becoming a source of comfort and support for many of her campmates.

Read our full exit interview with Candice here

Denise Drysdale (Credit: Channel Ten)

Denise Drysdale

She was the last to arrive in the jungle, and was the first to leave!

While many of her celebrity friends were sad to see her go, after two weeks in the jungle Denise was thrilled to return to civilisation and her beloved creature comforts. 

Speaking with our sister publication TV Week the morning after she said her farewells, the 75-year-old said she was “the happiest” after leaving, going on to add that the best part of her I’m A Celeb experience was “getting out.”

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