All the celebrities who were unmasked on The Masked Singer Australia in 2023

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Season five of The Masked Singer Australia has finally wrapped up, and we can’t believe the star power that was hiding away underneath all of the masks. 

From Aussie icons to international superstars, the contestant clues hinted at a number of big names starring on the show, the clues also leaving panel members Mel B, Hughesy, Abbie Chatfield, and Chrissie Swan in a guessing game of their own. 

WATCH NOW: Crash Test Dummy performs on The Masked Singer Australia 2023. Article continues after video. 

Whilst we were always sad to see these celebrities leave the stage for good, there’s nothing quite as exciting as unmasking the secret identity of each of the performers as host Osher Gunsberg excitedly dances about the stage. 

Scroll on to read all the celebrities who took to the stage for The Masked Singer Australia season five (spoilers ahead). 

Dami Im was Snow Fox. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Dami Im as Snow Fox

As the winner of season five of The Masked Singer Australia, this X Factor alumni was bursting with happiness after finally being unmasked. 

“It feels amazing to be out, but also, it’s kind of really great because I actually won X Factor here on this same stage 10 years ago. Exactly 10 years ago. I’m back here winning this.”

She also shared a heartwarming anecdote with Judge Mel B, saying, “I came to Australia when I was nine years old. I Didn’t speak a word of English, but I learned to speak by listening to Spice Girls songs.”

Read our full interview with Dami here. 

Darren Hayes was Grim Reaper (Credit: Channel 10)

Darren Hayes as Grim Reaper

Runner-up of this season, Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes was a sight for sore eyes when he was finally unmasked, the 51-year-old referring to his time on The Masked Singer Australia as “the most extraordinary adventure.” 

He also gave a special shout-out to guessing panel member Abbie Chatfield “for the love and reminding me of the power of lyrics and music. Amazing experience,” he shared to his Instagram account. 

Conrad Sewell was Bouncer (Credit: Channel Ten)

Conrad Sewell as Bouncer

In a reveal that came as no surprise to eagle-eared fans, Australian singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell was revealed as the voice behind Bouncer. 

“Hughesy’s my man! He knows me,” Conrad joked after his reveal, with guessing panel member Dave Hughes being the only one to correctly guess the identity of the third place finisher. 

When asked why he decided to take place in the reality singing competition, Conrad told the judges: “For me, like, I care so much about performing. I love performing so much, but it’s a lot of pressure. I just thought it would be a cool thing to experience not going out there and not everyone knowing it was me for a second.”

Courtney Act was Cowgirl (Credit: Channel 10)

Courtney Act/Shane Jenek as Cowgirl 

Despite being a fan favourite to win, this beautiful bovine was unmasked just one performance away from this year’s finale as iconic Australian drag entertainer Courtney Act. 

Whilst previous contestant clues made it easier for fans to identify that Courtney was hiding underneath the Cowgirl mask, the judges struggled, Chrissie Swan being the only one to correctly guess her identity. 

“I think some people see Courtney as a mask, but I thought ‘I wonder what it would be like wearing an actual mask.’ And it’s kind of thrilling because you have no fear because no one can see you, and if you mess up, it’s like not about you, it’s the cow that did it,” Courtney shared shortly after her onscreen unmasking. 

Brendan Fevola was The Captain. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Brendan Fevola as The Captain 

Just as quickly as this charter set sail, it returned to port, with wildcard mask The Captain unmasked as none other than retired AFL star turned radio host Brendan Fevola after just one performance. 

His appearance doesn’t come as a huge surprise given Brendan himself strongly hinted towards appearing on The Masked Singer in the weeks prior to filming commencing, but fans were thrilled to hear the 42-year-old showcase his vocal talents nonetheless.

“I’m guessed every year. My Instagram and Twitter go nuts, saying this is 100 percent you, so I thought I’d finally come in as a wildcard, a firecracker, and bring the party,” the season two winner of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Australia said. 

Amy Shark was Orca (Credit: Channel Ten)

Amy Shark as Orca

For three episodes, Orca made huge waves with her powerhouse vocals, luring in all those who listened with her mesmerizing voice and stage presence. 

But alas, after her rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Dreams, the studio audience was desperate to see Orca unmasked – revealing none other than Sheppard band member Amy underneath. 

Reflecting upon what it was like to perform solo, and not alongside the chart-topping Aussie band, the blue-haired singer revealed that The Masked Singer had helped her discover who she was “as an artist outside the band.”

“This has been a great platform for me to do that.” 

Read our full interview with Amy here. 

La Toya Jackson was Burger Gal (Credit: Channel Ten)

La Toya Jackson as Burger Gal 

Certified pop music royalty La Toya Jackson was the seventh celebrity singer to be unmasked this season, her surprise appearance leaving the panelists, audience members and viewers tuning in from home alike gobsmacked. 

But for guessing panel member Mel B, from the moment she heard Burger Gal open her lips and sing a rendition of Doja Cat and SZA’s number one hit Kiss Me More, she knew it was La Toya, who upon unmasking praised Mel’s superior guessing skills, telling her “good job!” 

“I love this show. I will go anywhere to do this show. This is my third [time] actually,” La Toya revealed shortly after her unmasking, referring to her appearances on both the US and Spanish series. 

According to the 67-year-old, not even her famous family knew about her top-secret appearance. 

“They don’t know. I didn’t tell anyone; my mother doesn’t even know! We were all on a family conference yesterday, they said ‘What are you doing in Australia?’ I said ‘Just work, just having fun…'”

Pete Murray was Tiny. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Pete Murray as Tiny Monster 

This larger-than-life monster was finally unmasked as none other than best-selling Australian singer-songwriter Pete Murray. 

Best known for hits such as Class A, Better Days, and Opportunity – guessing panel member Chrissie Swan took out the first successful guess of the season with her prediction that the cuddly crooner was in fact her favourite singer!

The 54-year-old is currently celebrating 20 years since his major label debut with his breakthrough album Feeler in 2023 with the release of both a greatest hits collection and an accompanying tour. 

Read our full interview with Pete here. 

Charlotte Crosby was Space Fairy. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Charlotte Crosby as Space Fairy

Despite being tipped to win, and being one of the stand-out performers of the season it was Space Fairy who was unmasked in episode five of The Masked Singer Australia. 

Described by the judge Dave Hughes as “one of the best singers” The Masked Singer Australia stage had ever seen, and presumed to be the Grammy-nominated artist thanks to some impressive vocals and the contestant clues, it was actually reality television queen Charlotte Crosby who was hiding underneath the mask. 

Read our full interview with Charlotte here. 

Shaynna Blaze was Bluebottle (Credit: Channel Ten)

Shaynna Blaze as Bluebottle

There was a collective gasp when Bluebottle removed her mask to reveal her secret identity – The Block judge Shaynna Blaze.

Holding her own against other seasoned performers on The Masked Singer stage, the guessing panel was left speechless when they saw Shaynna standing on stage in front of them at the end of episode three. 

“Surprise!! Not just for the public but for my family and friends. This was one of the hardest things to keep quiet about,” Shaynna shared on her Instagram the morning after her onscreen unmasking. 

“I wanted to do this show for the fun, for the reveal and for the joy of singing icognito,” she added.  

Summer Warne was Bad Avocado. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Summer Warne as Bad Avocado

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Summer Warne was revealed to be the voice behind the Bad Avocado mask. 

“My Dad loved me singing, and my whole life I’ve wanted to do that kind of thing. He was like, ‘You’ve got to do it, Summer, you’ve got to do it’. I was like, ‘No, it’s not for me’. I was too scared. [But ahead of The Masked Singer Australia], I had his little voice in my head going ‘Just do it – stuff what anyone thinks, just do it’,” Summer told the audience after her shock unmasking. 

“I want to make Dad proud. Singing Yellow was absolutely amazing – that song was his funeral song. Chris Martin sang it at the state memorial.”

Read our full interview with Summer here. 

Sandra Sully was Fawn. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Sandra Sully as Fawn

It was the reveal that no one saw coming. 

Beloved Australian news anchor Sandra Sully left both the guessing panel and fans tuning in from home gobsmacked when it was revealed that she was the voice who had stunned them all with her rendition of Don’t Cha by The Pussycat Dolls. 

“I read the news every night and tragedy happens all the time, really heavy stuff, but you do only live once. Life is short – don’t live a life of regret,” Sandra said after her unmasking. 

Brian Austin Green was the Crash Test Dummy. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Brian Austin Green as Crash Test Dummy 

In contestant clues released prior to the season premiere, Crash Test Dummy was hinted as being a “Hollywood heartthrob” as well as being a “sporting superstar” and “million-record seller.”

Following his unmasking in the first episode of the season, it became clear that “Hollywood heartthrob” was the accurate clue given Brian’s iconic stint on the 90s drama Beverly Hills 90210.

Luckily for Brian, neither the judges nor viewers tuning in from home were able to guess his identity!

“I did one song, nobody guessed me and I was out….winner!” Brian told New Idea exclusively the morning after his onscreen elimination. 

“That’s the point of the show, right? To not be guessed?” he then laughed. 

Read our full interview with Brian here. 

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