Here’s where MasterChef Australia is filmed

You'd be surprised to see what this location looks like when it's not a television set!
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When it comes to iconic Australian reality television shows, you’d be hard-pressed to surpass MasterChef.

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From the iconic theme song (Hot and Cold by Katy Perry) to those dramatic, sweeping entrances where our judges and contestants enter the kitchen each episode – the show serves as both a form of entertainment and inspiration for all who tune in. 

Beloved by home cooks across the country, if you’re like us, you’ve probably found yourself dreaming of what it would be like to have access to the MasterChef kitchen.

While it may seem like an impressive set-up, you’d be surprised to know that the filming location for the series doesn’t look like it does on your screens all year around.

The venue has undergone a huge makeover. (Credit: Channel Ten/Melbourne Showgrounds)

Where is MasterChef Australia filmed?

MasterChef Australia is filmed in a purpose-built studio at the Melbourne Showgrounds in Flemington and has been since the very first season premiered way back in 2009. 

Specifically, the beloved reality cooking competition is filmed inside Centenary Hall, a heritage-listed building that was first built in 1934 to accommodate displays of farm and dairy produce and district exhibits during the annual Royal Melbourne Show.

Inside Centenary Hall while MasterChef is filming. (Credit: Channel Ten)

As well as MasterChef Australia, Channel Nine’s Lego Masters and Channel Seven’s Thank God You’re Here have also filmed in the space.

The Sydney Morning Herald has previously reported that Centenary Hall is “soundproofed and air-conditioned” and houses a “fully functional commercial kitchen, boucherie, herb garden, locker garden, wine reception area, 120-seat restaurant, and pantry” – making it the perfect venue to film MasterChef.

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