WATCH: Nine-year-old boy arrested for bringing gun to school

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A nine-year-old schoolboy in the US has been arrested in front of his mother after he was caught bringing a loaded gun to school.

A body camera footage released by Cleveland Police shows the St Francis student being handcuffed just last month.

Watch the concerning footage below

According to News 5 Cleveland, the teachers at the school were notified after the young boy showed the weapon to his peer. The-fourth-grader had stolen the gun from his mother’s closet and brought it to school in a book bag.

The video shows the officer asking the boy to turn around before proceeding to put him in handcuffs as his mother watched nearby.

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The boy was sitting with his mother in a school office before he was handcuffed. (Credit: Cleveland Police)

The student is heard crying telling his mother he’s scared as the officer places him in handcuffs.

“You should have been scared touching the gun. You can’t be scared of me, you’re bringing guns to school,” the officer said.

The boy is later heard apologising in the video after the officer tells him, “what you did was bad”.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.”

The police officer unloaded the gun before handcuffing the boy (Credit: Cleveland Police)

“This gun was loaded. So, what happens if it would have went off?”

The nine-year-old denied knowing the weapon was loaded to which the officer responded, “that’s why you’re not supposed to touch it”.

The boy’s mother tells him, “You know better. Don’t sit here and act like we didn’t tell you. I wish sorry could save you right now, son.”

Following the incident, school officials said the boy was not allowed back in the school.

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