Unborn baby kicks hole through mothers womb

This is terrifying!

A new mother has nearly died after her unborn baby kicked her so hard a hole was torn through the wall of the womb.

The doctors raced to deliver the baby girl via emergency C-section, after the powerful kick left the mother bleeding and the baby at risk of a life-threatening infection.

The mother was 35-weeks pregnant when she suddenly started suffering stomach pain in the early hours of October 2. 

Inititially it was put down to an upset stomach, but as the condition worsened the mother began to worry. 

She was taken to the emergency department and doctors suspected her womb had ruptured. 

Performing an ultrasound it was revealed the foetus’s leg had ‘kicked through’ the uterus wall, into the mothers abdominal cavity. 

Doctors rushed mum into the operating theatre, fearing she could suffer a dangerous internal bleed and go into shock.

Surgeons safely delivered the baby girl in just ten minutes, fearing she could have been stillborn.

They discovered blood in mum’s stomach and a 7cm ‘break’ in her womb wall.

The mothers medical history revealed she had undergone an operation to remove fibroids from her womb in 2016. As a result she had an old wound scar in her uterus wall, which had left a weak spot.

Doctors said mum and baby are both doing well after the little one’s traumatic arrival in the world.

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