Twin babies found dead in car after being ‘forgotten all day’

WARNING: graphic details

The father of twin babies has been arrested after the infants died when they were left inside a car on a scorching hot day.

The heartbreaking tragedy occurred in NYC on Friday, reports PEOPLE

Authorities are investigating the incident that claimed the lives of both one-year-old children, who were identified by police as Mariza and Phoenix Rodriguez of Rockland County, New York, the publication said. 

“On July 26, 2019, at 16:08 hours police responded to a report of an aided male inside of a vehicle at West Kingsbridge Road and Kingsbridge Terrace, within the confines of the 50 Precinct,” a spokesperson for the New York City Police Department told PEOPLE.

“Upon arrival officers discovered a one-year-old female and a one-year-old male unconscious and unresponsive seated in the rear of a Honda sedan,” the spokesperson continued.

“EMS responded and pronounced them both deceased at the scene.”

According to an ABC7 report, the father of the children allegedly told authorities he had driven to work around 8 a.m. and then parked his car, forgetting that his two infants were in their rear-facing car seats.

By the time he returned to the car, the children were foaming at the mouth. He dialled 911, and was taken into custody for questioning, according to ABC7

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