Aussie mum’s horror: “My tumble dryer BURST into flames!”

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A traumatised mum is thankful her family is still alive after claiming her tumble dryer suddenly burst into flames. 

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Mum-of-two Leslie May was just about to sit down to dinner with her family on July 21 when they were confronted with a piercing high-pitched squealing noise that echoed throughout their home.

Confused, the 50-year-old from Murrumbateman, NSW, went to investigate and discovered the sound was coming from their laundry…but she wasn’t prepared for what she is was about to witness.

Tumble dryer explodes
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As she opened the door, horrified Leslie was hit with a dark cloud of thick smoke that was billowing from her tumble dryer, which was still running and spinning around with a load of laundry inside.

Yelling for help, her son Ethan, 22, instantly came running to his mum’s aid, while her daughter Kelsey, 15, and Ethan’s girlfriend Tabitha, 22, looked on from the kitchen in shock.

Despite the smoke, the pair managed to turn the five-year-old appliance off at the wall, while brave Ethan then amazingly lifted up the scorching, heavy dryer by himself and carried it outside.

Tumble Dryer Explodes
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Terrified Leslie explained that once it was outside of their home, Ethan opened the door to the dryer, which is when the entire appliance instantly became engulfed in flames.

Heroic Ethan then pulled out the blazing remnants of the bath towels and wash cloth, which had been put into the dryer and, with the help of a garden hose, managed to put the raging fire out.

Business owner Leslie said: “It was Sunday evening around 7pm. We’d just done a load of laundry with some towels and wash cloths, which we then threw in the dryer.

Tumble Dryer Explodes
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“We were getting ready to have dinner when we heard this really weird noise. It was like a high-pitched squealing sound.

“I walked around the house trying to figure out what it was, and realised it was coming from the laundry.

“I opened the door, and the entire room was billowing with thick, grey smoke. I was in total shock.

“I started yelling, and son Ethan came running as he could hear in my voice something was really wrong.

“He jumped straight into action. The dryer was still spinning around, so we tried to find the switch to turn it off, but it was very difficult to see with the smoke.

Tumble Dryer Explodes
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“It was so dark and we both started coughing out lungs out. It was hurting my chest.

“Then Ethan just yelled ‘Get out of the way!’ and somehow picked up the dryer and carried it outside.

“I have no idea how he did it. Not only was it heavy, but it was scorching hot due to the fire inside. It must have been pure adrenaline.

“As soon as we opened the dryer door, there was a ‘wooosh’ sound and the entire thing instantly became engulfed in flames. The fire was raging.

“All of us were in a total panic. Ethan began hosing it off, and all of us were running around getting buckets of water and things like that, not sure what to do.

Tumble Dryer Explodes
(Credit: Caters)

“We all managed to put the fire out. We were all left shaken, it was such a frightening experience.”

Leslie said the entire incident played out in just five minutes and added that due to Ethan’s quick thinking, did not end up needing to call the fire department.

The proud mum added that she believes her son’s heroic act of bravery saved their family home from being burnt to the ground.

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