Inside Tracy Grimshaw’s surprise return to television

"She's an absolute force and we're just so proud to have her back on Nine in 2024."
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Longtime A Current Affair (ACA) host Tracy Grimshaw is set to return to Aussie television screens across the country in a new TV project. 

According to TV Tonight, she will front Do You Want to Live Forever?, which will offer insights into how Aussies can wind back their biological clocks and live longer. 

Channel 9 recently confirmed the news of Tracy’s grand return to television, however, a premier date is yet to be revealed.

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It is expected that filming of the factual series will commence this month and continue until April, with a premiere date yet to be revealed.

The 63-year-old stepped down from ACA in November 2022, after 17 long years at the helm of the long-running current affairs show. 

Seven months on from her “retirement”, the Nine Network has confirmed that the veteran broadcaster would be returning to work. The news was shared at their annual ‘Upfronts’ event on September 6, 2023. 

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We can’t wait to see what 2024 has instore for Tracy! (Credit: Getty)

Combining Tracy’s investigative background and Dr Coatsworth’s medical expertise, the two will uncover the intricacies of ageing to discover whether or not we can rewind our biological clock.

“This project was Nick Coatsworth’s idea and I’m really looking forward to working with him on it. I’m keen to explore exactly what a long life will look like,” Tracy told Nine. 

“While in honesty I really haven’t spent my life looking for the fountain of youth, I’m fascinated by how far people are taking that search, and how advanced medicine is becoming in that space. I’m a bit of a medical nerd so the research has been a pleasure.”

“For centuries people have been captivated by the idea of living forever. I am extremely excited to be working with the highly respected Tracy Grimshaw on this new series. Together, we will follow eight everyday Australians as they positively shift the dial of their health and longevity,” Dr Coatswoth added.

The new series promises to challenge our perceptions of ageing and mortality. 

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Head of Programming for Nine and 9Now Hamish Turner spoke with Mediaweek a week after the news was announced, shedding new light on the exciting new project Tracy would be attached to. 

“Tracy will choose to play to Tracy’s strengths. Over the coming months, more will emerge around what that project initially is,” Hamish said, addressing speculation that the project would have an interview format. 

“We want it to be befitting of someone at Tracy’s stature and experience. We’ll be looking at other opportunities as well. She’s an absolute force and we’re just so proud to have her back on Nine in 2024,” he added. 

The news wasn’t a huge surprise given Tracy herself has hinted she would be returning to work in 2024 after a well-deserved year off. 

Earlier that year, the seasoned journalist took to Twitter to shut down reports of a “comeback” to ACA, which is now hosted by Allison Langdon. 

“I’m not coming back to ACA, I haven’t been into the office this year, no sneaky meetings and I’ve always said I may do something else next year, that hasn’t changed,” she penned in June. 

Ally has been a ratings hit (Credit: Getty)

Ally, 44, has proven to be a strong successor to Tracy bringing in top-performing ratings. In the final week of ratings, Ally brought in 1.1 million viewers, with ACA clearly still going strong on Nine. 

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